Go to your Client Area.

  1. Login with your personal/business instagram account. (Add new Instagram user)
  2. It’s recommended you create a Whitelist first. This is simply done by clicking the Create Whitelist button, this can take a while depending on the amount you are following.
  3. Next, you need users to follow, this is done by You selecting any random instagram profile name (choose one with more followers) from which you can grab followers from.
    Type in the name of the instagram account you wish to grab followers from  (needs to be a public profile and ideally with a lot of followers) and click the Grab some Followers button.
  4. Now you can just click the Auto button (only need to click this once) and overtime you will gain more followers. (Be patient as this could mean you get 0 followers one day, but a huge amount the next as it’s on an optimised time schedule).

A Whitelist is a list of all your current Followings (people you are following).

This is made so that when you unfollow users, it won’t unfollow any of these people in your list, even if the user is not following you back.

There are the manual buttons for gaining and removing followers.

  • Follow
  • Remove Non-Followers

It’s recommended to just use the Auto button to maximise results and to not get your account hit with limits, but these can be used do demonstrate part of how the process works if you wish to use.

If you have 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) enabled for your account, you need to disable it.

We will add support for this feature soon.

This depends on if you have a business or personal account and what industry you’re targeting. If you would like an estimate before signing up, please feel free to contact us and ask.

Yes of course, in the future we will be adding a referral system.

No… we only provide you with genuine organic real followers, this takes longer than an instant 1,000 followers for example but no point having followers if none of them will ever like any of your photos!

Something went wrong with login: InstagramAPI\Response\LoginResponse: Challenge required.

If you are getting this, you need to go onto instagram on your phone and allow the location access. If  you still get this error after several attempts, instagram servers are sometimes overloaded and you may need to wait 12-24 hours.

Something went wrong: User not logged in. Please call login() and then try again.

You need to disable 2 Factor Authentication on your Instagram account.

Yes you can, there’s currently a limit of 10,000 followers at a time though.

No it is not, although this may help more, we see it as a privacy issue but may add it as an option in the future if others would like.

Do as the message says and confirm:


Then try again to login, if doesn’t work, you’ll need to wait for instagram servers, so try the next day, it does always work, have to be patient, just sometimes takes longer on some days, we will also re-imburse the time you’ve missed, just let us know your details through Discord or Email.

There’s nothing wrong with your account, it’s just Instagram’s security feature and is normal for it to do this.

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